Monday, 20 October 2008

mixed media

Above - wood ply

Above photo - canvas

I am a member of Suzi Blu Petite Dolls.... Wow how wonderful her site is, the workshop is extra special as Suzi shares and loves all of her goddesses in training! The people are wonderful and the community is very friendly and helpful - click on badge to the right of blog to visit us all!

The workshop is mixed media based and I have used both canvas and Birch wood ply
many materials are used - Suzi teaches via videos and PDFs

This is a fab online class, goddess class will be the next workshop, then suzi dolls....I am soooooooo excited :)

I am selling my creations, if any appeal to you please send an email enquiry, I will be listing by the end of November on Etsy and Ebay....further details to follow

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