Friday, 18 January 2008


'Book Of Open Knowledge'

I love ancient knowledge, tales of lore - it soars my creative mind into enchanted places :)

Upon my researching for my textile studies (I made the subject of my theme: motherearth) it was then I discovered wicca and the Book of Shadows.

The name disturbed me somewhat as sounded so dark (and even though I realise the shadows were to hide from sight due to danger in the finding of such material) I decided to bring ancient wisdom into the light (out of the shadows)...I wanted only goodness and light to be portrayed via its pages/ badness, no ill will. Harm ye none...

My ideas for my b.o.o.k s were initially derived from my love of nature based religions/concepts of various ancient paths.

Since then I have developed pages of lore such as 'The mermaid of Zennor' (I think it called me even more as I used to live in a street called 'Zennor road'! :)

Another is 'Tristan and Isolde' of which I am working on now.

Just to design pages to spread love and light, knowledge to all who reads them, brings a special reward

.....and importantly it feels right :)

I will upload more pics of my pages once completed....I also have above photos at:

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Sage Moonstone said...

I love it! Many Blessings ~ Sage